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Kids' Text Mural

You can find our 2020 mural on the storefront of Fourth Corner Frames, 311 West Holly Street, Bellingham, WA 98225.


What Kids Say

I like the mural. I feel like the world is crumbling, you know. There’s a lot of stuff going on right now. - Ronan Tafolla

What Grown Ups Say

"I walk a lot, and I often walk past the mural on Monroe Street. The first time, I read it completely. Since then, each time I read one comment and focus on the point of view of that kid; what his/her life must be like; why that comment was picked. I’m getting an incredibly profound and very direct sense of the experience of these children. What a wonderful way to open up their world to us." - Susan Whitter

"This mural gives me a joyful feeling. I’m happy to see this wall used to boost the voices of students. It’s interesting to read what students have chosen to share; what felt important to them. I hope that when children see this mural, it sends them a message that their words and lives are important and valued. I also like thinking of adults seeing this mural and pausing to remember that children are important, resilient, inspiring people with valuable wisdom and perspectives to offer those in their communities." - Nora Hughes

"As an educator in Whatcom County, I believe all children should be treated with respect and their perspectives and experiences should be honored. The words on this mural sound like real kids- like my students’ voices over the last 10 years. I can tell these words weren’t edited or tampered with by adults, but were left exactly as they were written by kids. I have a deep appreciation for the authenticity and intention that went into this project." - Anonymous

"I had the joy of walking by the mural with my children and stopping to read the words and talk about the ideas. They loved seeing other children held up in such an important way! One of them was thrilled that she shared similar thoughts and feelings with children she had never met. As my little ones grow, they will be able to understand more of what is written there as well as the lessons and values so lovingly cultivated in youngsters by the From a Child’s Point of View program. I whole-heartedly agree and echo the other comments written here. Thank you for enriching our community and future in such an important way!" - Morgan Hermanson

"I love having this vibrant installation in my neighborhood. Seeing the faces and reading the voices of kids makes me feel more connected to souls with whom I don’t typically have the chance to interact. What a joy this work is." - Jae

"Delish that the mural brings you close to the kids!" - Mary

"This project centers the kids in our communities. Seeing their voices and faces projected, serves to show them that they are valued, and serves to remind the rest of us to listen." - Jessica Geer

"I live in the Columbia neighborhood but my work is in the neighborhood of Sunnyland. I drive by the POV mural twice a day. Every time I pass by the photos of the children, I smile and say 'I hear you.' From A Childs Point of View the message is loud and clear…. 'Listen, what we think is important.'" - Marcy Plattner

"As a teacher educator, I am thrilled to see the culmination of the students’ hard work displayed for the public to view! Part of what makes project-based learning so engaging is the public-facing element that comes at the end. When students engage in authentic work for authentic audiences, the walls of the classroom disappear and generations are brought together to make the learning come alive. I will never tire of learning from (and with) young people, as they have so much to teach me." - Lauren G. McClanahan, Ph.D. Professor, Secondary Education, WWU

"What an amazing experience it was to be able to work (and play!) with the youth involved in making the 2020 mural. The opportunity to spend quality, focused time with young students in creatively exploring what they are feeling and thinking reinforced for me how vital Social-Emotional Learning is in our classrooms and teacher education programs – for both educators and students alike. The mural is a beautiful reflection of how deeply and passionately our youth want and need the adults in their lives to take time to connect with them, reflect with them, and listen – not to hear, but to understand. Our children are not afraid of difficult conversations and uncomfortable moments – and we grown-ups need to catch up! I can’t wait to take my WWU Theatre Education students to the mural site to see for themselves the incredible wisdom, truth and creativity inherent in all children, and how transformational this work can be for everyone involved in it!" - Deborah Currier, PhD. WWU Theatre Education Professor

"The children see more than we realize and they’re taking note of how we treat those around us and the earth." - Sharon

"My reaction to the mural was bittersweet. It made me happy these kids know their strengths, but sad they are so aware of the risks to our environment. It’s an excellent tool to communicate the fact that these children will be the population to live with the consequences of our apathy concerning the environment." - Katy Valesquez

"Such a great project! The 2020 mural got me thinking about mutuality in my relationships with children. We expect a certain equitable exchange of ideas to take place in our adult relationships, but is that exchange as successful or as equitable in our relationships with children? Am I really listening to them and hearing them? Food for thought!" - Anonymous

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