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Beehive Puzzles

Hexagonal puzzle stencils, which everyone knows look just like bees’ honeycombs, were spray painted on sidewalks using a special rain paint. The pictures are only visible when wet! 


These drawings represent student’s investigations of habitat loss, plastics in the oceans, and our interdependent relationship to plants and animals. In Drama World, the children donned the mantle of inventors. In role, as originators, creators, designers, and makers, they imagine ways and means to solve some problems facing land animals, marine creatures, forests, and oceans.

They drew their ideas. Then their drawings were enlarged and cut into stencils, in the shape of hexagrams. Each student wrote a caption to further explain the meaning of their work. Seven hexagrams were arranged to fit together and, to everyone’s delight, formed the shape of a beehive. The stencils were then laid down on sidewalks and sprayed with rain paint, an invisible solution when dry. But when wet, like magic, rainwork suddenly appeared.


The five Beehive Puzzle installations held an embedded clue that, when put together, made a word describing the beehive’s theme. Folks walking along the sidewalks stopped, looked, and tried to solve the puzzle.

Click the links below to download PDFs of the different puzzles:

  1. W Holly & Bay St

  2. Squalicum Way

  3. Entrance on Utter St

  4. Holly & Champion St

  5. Lottie & Grand

Would you be interested in seeing these puzzles again? If so, let us know!

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